The Giving Effect

Let's All Contribute In One Way or Another

If you have the means, help others in need. Below are three charities that I've supported over the years:

Save The Children

United To End Genocide / Save Darfur

Doctors Without Borders

A friend and I had a long conversation once about donating to charities. He argues that I shouldn't give now, but instead, I should invest everything I can, build wealth, and write my favorite charities into my will. His logic is that after I'm gone, the money donated will be far greater and therefore far more life-changing for those receiving it.

I choose to do both: a little monthly, and I'll do my best to build what I can for when my time comes to leave this earth, thanks to my friend's heartfelt advice.

Whether you decide to give now, invest, grow your money, and donate later, or contribute in another or other meaningful ways to the betterment of others' circumstances, please do something if you can. Maybe you have a better way to help improve the world? So do it, don't wait. Privilege demands that we be responsible, and we are more privileged in many ways than so many around the world. As tough as our lives may seem at times, we really are.

Visit to find a cause you like. Decide now to help play a part in improving our world, or devote your time to a local organization or project that improves your own community. Give a little, and you'll gain much much more in return.

Thank you.